Yoga Moves 

At Yoga Moves, we strive to uphold the ancient healing art of Hatha Yoga. Class size is small to ensure more personal guidance from our experienced teachers. With our therapeutic approach, emphasizing self-care and self-healing, you will gradually begin to shed old negative patterns responsible for stress and disease, and begin to awaken physically, mentally, and spiritually.

 We teach alignment based yoga where the student is guided to a deep understanding of the mechanics of the body.  It is our purpose to guide the student towards correct posture and biomechanics of movement. When the body is aligned the energy or Prana is aligned. When the Prana is aligned then the consciousness is aligned. 

With the aid of props and gentle encouragement we will take each student, regardless of experience, to a deeper understanding of themselves, Body Mind and Spirit.

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Hatha Yoga

Our classes are small, usually under 10 people in order to ensure personal attention. Classes are non-competitive and the student is encouraged experience the pose from the inside out. Practicing this way will calm the thoughts by bringing attention out of the head and into the body. Instructions are careful and precise,  so that the student can understand unhealthy patterns and learn correct body mechanics and functional movement in their life.

Meditation and breathing are always emphasized and taught in every class, even Aerial. Students are always encouraged to work at their own level. Please inform the teacher of any health concerns.

Our classes run 1.5 hours. Aerial is 1 hr and 15 mins this includes set up and discussion of safety precautions.

We give our full attention and honor to each individual ,no one will ever feel left behind or not seen.   

Aerial Yoga

(on Hold while we are looking for a new location

Aerial “anti-gravity”  classes combine traditional Yoga methodology and the alignment principles of Iyengar Yoga with weightlessness for flexibility, strength and deep relaxation. The Yoga Swing serves as a prop, which makes it possible for all levels to experience fun and ease in a yoga practice. Classes are designed to modify the postures using the support of the swing. As with the use of any yoga prop, you will find that you can hold and balance in the asana longer to fully absorb the benefits of the yoga. Increase joint mobility, decompress the vertebrae of the spine, open the hips, remove weight from the knees, increase blood flow to the brain, mellow the nervous system and all while inspiring the kid inside of you to learn and explore new things. Blend aerial acrobatics and dance with the art of asana to soar your yoga practice into new dimensions.

You should not practice inversions if you have high blood pressure, heart disease, eye diseases such as glaucoma, or hardware from a spinal fusion.  Such people need to progress very slowly, starting at very light levels of inversion.  Please consult your doctor about it first.

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Aerial Attire – For hygienic reasons and to avoid fabric burns wear clothing that covers your underarms and knees. No zippers, snaps, or jewelry.  Wedding bands are okay.

What to Wear:  Loose, comfortable clothes and bare feet… Please remove shoes downstairs.

What to Bring:  A yoga mat is required. If you do not have one, we have mats available for loan or purchase. We also supply other useful Yoga props such as blocks, sandbags, eye pillows, and belts.

Registration Form:
Please download the registration form and bring the completed form to your first class.

Give us a call at (727) 251-8868 or e-mail us at will be glad to answer any questions about Yoga Moves.

Class Schedules

Monday9:30-11:00am ZOOM Hatha Yoga Denise
6:00-7:15pm ZOOMGentle Yoga/restorativeDenise
Wednesday9:00-10:30. ZOOMHatha Yoga Denise
Friday9:30-11:00a IN PERSON Gulfport Recreation center

Hatha yoga all levels

Saturday9:30-11:00a ZOOMHatha Yoga Denise
Please contact us at 727-251-8868 or send an e-mail using the contact form.

Aerial Yoga ( on hold until we secure a new location)

Once you have registered, please text 727 251 8868 to confirm booking of specific class. To arrange for private aerial “hang time” with your family, friends and coworkers text 727251 8868 or e mail We will customize an aerial class that is sure to take your yoga to the skies!

$15 Small Group Aerial Yoga (5 people minimum)
$70 Private Aerial Yoga up to 2 people each additional person $10 

Group aerial classes are limited to 7 students.

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