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Our mission is to provide a comfortable, safe and nurturing environment for all to explore Yoga for health, happiness, emotional healing, physical unfolding, intellectual refinement and spiritual awareness towards a full life. 

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 As of Monday May18th, Gyms and Yoga Studios have been given permission to open with precautions.

 The studio can accommodate approx 6 people maintaining physical distance. Students are required to bring their own props and there will be props for sale 

 You will be required to sign up for each class, please note “Studio or Zoom.”

 If studio, please sign up 24 hrs in advance. I will hold studio classes if I have 5 students for the studio, otherwise only Zoom class will be held. You may sign up for zoom classes up to 1 hour before class.If you forget please text me and I will send invite.   

 Stay at home! but no need to distance yourself from your Yoga practice 

Its easy with ZOOM  

 Download Zoom app to phone, tablet, or computer.  

   Sign up for class below with the “Schedule Now” button below.

   I will send you an invite to ZOOM Class via text and e mail.

  Updates will be posted on this notice board.

Look out for Kids Yoga, Meditation, and Yoga Nidra this week!! 

  Be calm, Be safe, Be well  


OM Shanti Shanti Shanti 


Yoga Classes

Create a comfortable, safe environment and with open communication between students and teachers.

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Massage Therapy

Study after study shows massage to be a powerful preventative medicine.

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Aerial Yoga

Aerial Yoga classes combine traditional Yoga methodology and the alignment.

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Workshops and Unique Classes

See what’s new at Yoga Moves as our menu of workshops and unique classes change.

Yoga Moves Me


If you would like to register for a class, schedule a massage, or have questions, please contact us e-mail form below or phone. We look forward to seeing you at our classes and workshops. Namaste!

Yoga Moves Me
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High Frequency Living Group ( HI Fi)

The nature of this group is to support each other in living a higher frequency life. What exactly does that mean? Learn more here